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Zack Imfeld, M.Div.

Rector of Morrissey 

145 Morrissey Hall


Hailing from sunny Burbank, California, Zack grew up the oldest of three boys in the shadow of Hollywood. After spending the majority of his childhood on the baseball field, in the pool, or at school, Zack attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA run by the Congregation of Holy Cross. At NDHS, Zack was involved with a little bit of everything on campus and looked to continue his education at a Holy Cross university, so he went to the University of Portland in Oregon. During his four years on the Bluff, Zack was involved in student government, including serving as Student Body President as a Senior, Campus Ministry, Residential Life, and cheered on the Pilots soccer teams rain or shine. 

After graduation, Zack went to serve in Campus Ministry at the University of Notre Dame. During his year of service, he realized that to serve the Church the best, he should build on his undergraduate degree in Theology and decided to join the Master of Divinity program at Our Lady's University to remain at ND and have the opportunity to prepare for a life of ministry. During his graduate work, he interned as a chaplain at Memorial Hospital, worked with retreats and pilgrimages in Campus Ministry, and served as an Assistant Rector in Keough Hall. 

Zack is excited to return to Morrissey Manor for year two as the Rector. Morrissey has taken on the motto-- everything we do--we do it BIG! With that in mind, he can't wait to cook even more food, sing louder at Sunday Mass, and build on the great foundation set last year. Zack hopes that this upcoming year we can build on the fun we had last year and grow deeper into Manor brotherhood next year!In his free time, Zack roots for the Portland Timbers soccer team and thanks to his dad, suffers through every Cincinnati Reds loss and Cincinnati Bengals first round playoff exit. He enjoys cooking, playing piano, spending time with friends, and has been known to spend a fair share of time playing Xbox no matter how much his mom encourages him to find a new hobby. His door will be open often, most of the time playing music,  and hopes to meet every Manorite soon!


Dennis Massimi

Assistant Rector

245 Morrissey Hall

My name is Dennis Massimi and I’m a third year law student. I was born in Rome, Italy, where I lived until I was 14. I moved to California for high school and attended college at UC San Diego. During my time there, I studied History and Philosophy and was a member of the club soccer team. After graduating college, I worked as a paralegal in New York (shout out to the Rottenberg Lipman Rich, P.C. crew). When I have free time, I enjoy playing sports, dominating my Fantasy Football league, and trying to figure out if existence precedes essence. I am really excited to join the Morrissey Manor family and be a part of one of the most storied halls at Notre Dame. Please feel free to stop by my room anytime if you have any questions or if you just want to hang out. GO IRISH!

B Holmes

Brian Holmes

Assistant Rector

345 Morrissey Hall

I'm from Barnegat, near the Long Beach Island area of New Jersey, and I will be entering my first year in the Master of Arts in Theology program. I went to DeSales University in Pennsylvania, where I studied political science and minored in theology, marriage studies, and ethical leadership. I played lacrosse for two years and worked in Resident Life for three. In my free time, I practice yoga, hit the gym, and study up on different types of political ideologies, philosophies, and theologies. I am beyond blessed to join the Morrissey and Notre Dame family.

B Anderson

Brandon Anderson

1AB Resident Assistant

I’m an accounting major from Greenville, South Carolina and I really enjoy hanging out in the common spaces around the Manor. My favorite Morrissey memory is winning the interhall football championship. My one piece of advice to the first-years is don't try and push friendship the first few months. It may seem lonely at first, but many other students are in the same boat. You will make lasting friendships, you just have to give it some time.

J Wells

Joe Wells

1CD Resident Assistant

I hail from the lovely area of Brainerd/Baxter, Minnesota. One day I hope to find something useful to do with my major in the Program of Liberal Studies and minor in Business Economics. I just finished my semester abroad in Santiago, Chile. At Notre Dame, I have had the opportunity to serve as the vice president and co-social chair for the Manor. I also sang for a bit in the ND Chorale, served up some killer chocolate chip cookies at South Dining Hall, and saved a few lives as a lifeguard at the Rock - a place I frequent to develop killer pecs and glutes. I love all things Notre Dame and Minnesota, especially our equally sub-par football teams. Above all else, I love Morrissey Manor. As an RA in the final year of “Old Morrissey,” I look forward to sending our desperately-in-need-of-a-renovation building out in style and continuing to show the rest of campus that what we lack in physical amenities we make up for with unshakeable brotherhood and a gross amount of Jaworski’s sausage.

For all you first-years about to embark on your Notre Dame journey, I have one piece of advice: try everything. Whatever you do, make the most of the opportunities you have at Notre Dame. Life will get hard, you’re going to have doubts, and there will be plenty of times when you’ll look up at Mary on top of the Dome and you’ll wonder if you’re in the right place. I can assure you that you are, and that your years at ND and in Morrissey Manor will be some of the best of your life. 

R Zinone

Ryan Zinone

2AB Resident Assistant

My name is Ryan Zinone and I’m a biology major from Melbourne, FL. In my free time, I enjoy watching sports, particularly Orlando City Soccer Club, the New York Giants, the Orlando Magic, the Boston Red Sox, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and the Nashville Predators. My favorite part about Morrissey is the brotherhood between all the guys. Advice for first-years: Keep your nose to the grindstone, but don’t forget to look up every now and then. It is very important that you stay on top of your studies, but it is equally as important that you immerse yourself fully in the community of brotherhood that is Morrissey Manor.

S Jones

Stephen Jones

2CD Resident Assistant

Hello! My name is Stephen Jones, and I hail from Ortonville, Michigan. I am studying finance and economics here at ND. I’m Catholic. My twin brother attends ND as well, so if you see me around, it may not be me. I’ve been involved in many different activities on campus, including; altar server, sacristan, SIBC club member, and academic tutor. I lived in Morrissey during my freshman and sophomore years, and I am privileged to be able to serve the great men of the Manor as an RA.

T Mckinnon

Trent McKinnon

3AB Resident Assistant

My name is Trent McKinnon and I am an Accounting and ACMS major from Madison, WI. I’ll be an RA in the Manor next year and my favorite thing about the Manor is the community of brotherhood that develops over the course of the year. A bit of practical advice: take many of the university required classes your first year because you will inevitably take them. Oftentimes people change majors or colleges and end up wasting the classes they took for their original major. If instead they took university required classes, those classes will almost always end up being put to use.

J Rouhana

Jonathan Rouhana

3CD Resident Assistant

My name is Jonathan Rouhana and I come from a small town in Michigan called Plymouth (towards the bottom left of the thumb, in between Detroit and Ann Arbor, for those familiar with the mitten map). My major is Neuroscience and Behavior, with a minor in Poverty Studies, and I’m hoping to sneak my way into med school after taking a gap year following graduation. I’ve had some incredible experiences at Notre Dame from singing in the Glee Club for a year to reveling in the glory of a 31-0 win over Michigan’s football team my first year. And after living in Morrissey for 3 years, I could not be more pumped to serve as an RA. I’ve enjoyed countless memories in the Manor – formals, long talks in common rooms, working at the fine establishment that is Yaz’s Ristorante – but my favorite aspect of my home away from home is easily the guys. We have by far one of the most powerful brotherhoods on campus and being a part of something like that is what makes these college years so grand.

A Dorritie

Andrew Dorritie

4AB Resident Assistant

Hey guys, my name is Andrew Dorritie, and I’ll be living in Morrissey next year as an RA! I’m a Neuroscience and Behavior pre-med major with a supplementary major in Spanish, and after graduation I hope to do the ACE teaching program for a couple years before medical school. Growing up in Syosset, New York on Long Island, I’ve been playing sports my entire life. I’ve played on the Men’s Club Soccer team here since I was a First-Year, was a big track runner in high school, and love playing some pick-up sand volleyball on the court outside the Manor. I also love music of all genres and love to procrastinate by browsing new songs on Spotify. Swing by my room whenever you want to talk about anything and everything.

Although there are so many great memories in Morrissey Manor from the intersection sports to the SYRs and formals, my favorite memories are the late nights spent in the common room with my best friends. Hours spent talking for way longer than we should be awake about any and every topic that comes up. Those are the moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

T Clarke

Tommy Clarke

4CD Resident Assistant

My name is Tommy Clarke, and I am a senior RA in Morrissey next year. I'm majoring in chemistry, with a minor in bioengineering. I call the Manor home despite living in Vernon Hills, IL over the summers. This dorm is pretty special. It may not have AC or an elevator (yet). The rooms may be a little small, but there's something about the guys inside them that makes this place special. I love hanging out with my brothers from the Manor out on the quad or after S'Morrissey Mass on Wednesdays. Some of these men who live around you will become your brothers - the guys who've got your back and will be there for you. I encourage the first-years to buy into the Manor. Come out to events and hang out with guys in the center lounges and common rooms. This place can be a home if you want. I hope you make it your own. If you ever need anything, just come and find me. Let's make it a great year!!!