Manor Council

Each hall on campus is governed in part by its residents. The Morrissey Manor Council coordinates many of the activities that go on inside and outside of Morrissey by organizing dances, service projects, campus-wide events, spirit weeks, and special liturgies.

The leaders of the Morrissey Manor Council are elected in hall-wide elections. The Manor Constitution guides the organization, conduct, and election of the Manor Council.


Manor Council Meetings

The Manor Council meets Tuesdays nights at 9:30pm in the 4th Floor Center Lounge. Meetings are open to all Manorites.

Officers and Commissioners 2017-2018

President: Brady McLaughlin
Vice-President: Brian Finn
Senator: Christian Femrite
SUB Representative: Ryan Doyle
Mind: Josh Meyers
Family: Andrew Ingram
Heart: Tom Slevin
Zeal: Brady Kimmel
Hope: Sean Kelly


Commissioner Responsibilities:

  • Mind: Art of Manliness, on-campus lectures, sustainability, etc.
  • Family: Brotherhood, Brother-Sister dorm events.
  • Heart: Intrasection sports, Interhall sports.
  • Zeal: Design, posters, Facebook events, etc.
  • Hope: Faith and service.