Timeline: 2005-2016


  • Manor Alumni Reunion on the occasion of the 80th Anniversary of the Manor.  300+ alum in attendance for the festivities;


  • Renovation of Yaz’s (booths removed from La Fortune were installed in Morrissey);
  • Manor Conference Room created (oo2).  This was formerly a storage room.
  • Hall Clerk Office and RA Office established in basement of the Manor;
  • Clean the Manor Day:  300 Manorites awoke on a Saturday morning and cleaned the Manor top to bottom.  The under-performing housekeepers were replaced;
  • Ice machine (in the laundry room), Stations of the Cross (for the Chapel), new refrigerator/freezer for Yaz’s, foos ball table, air hockey table, and a used pool table purchased for the Manor;
  • Manor flag purchased;
  • Manor banner designed and hung on the façade of Morrissey;
  • Manor Spirit Store established with line of Manor gear;
  • Manor Judicial Council (that handled discipline in the dorm) was abolished;
  • Morrissey is named “Hall of the Fall”;
  • Morrissey is named “Hall of the Year” AND was the winner of the coveted “Rec Sports Cup” as the premier athletic dorm;
  • New traditions established:

o   Rector Snack Table during study days;

o   Manor Christmas Social;

o   Manor Sports Trivia Bowl;

o   Souper Bowl Can Drive;

o   Super Bowl Game Watch;

o   Spring Manor Madness Week;

o   Shrove Tuesday Donut Social (“Last Blast Before the Fast” and the “Singing of the Last Allelulia/Lenten Lamentations” at midnight;

o   Operation Rice Bowl (during Lent);

o   Manor Fantasy Baseball League;

o   Medallion Hunt;


  • New chapel appointments purchased;
  • Altar server vestments (cassocks/surplices) purchased for the chapel;
  • New football, baseball, and soccer jerseys purchased;
  • New couches, tables, and lamps purchased for the center lounges;
  • Morrissey is named “Hall of the Fall”;
  • New traditions established:

o   Manor Polar Run;

o   Forty Hours Devotion;

o   Manor Texas Hold ‘Em Tourney;

o   Deck the Halls Christmas Decorating;

o   End of Year BBQ;

o   South Quad Cornhole Tourney;

o   Manor Tomatina (discontinued after 2009);

o   Manor Film Festival;


  • Flat screen TV’s purchased and installed in all the center lounges;
  • Rector office established in 151;
  • Storage rooms established in most sections;
  • New outdoor grills purchased;
  • Morrissey is named “Hall of the Fall”;
  • New traditions established:

o   Brother-Sister Dorm Assassins Game;

o   Man Night (cigars / poker);

o   Manor Video Game Tournament;

o   Asia Manor;

o   Noche Del Manor;

o   Manor Oktoberfest;


  • Frosh O Manor Tower Ceremony established;
  • Kitchen installed on the third floor;
  • Study room established on the third floor;
  • Flat screen TV and new leather couches installed in the 24-hour space;
  • New carpeting installed throughout the Manor during Spring break 2010;
  • Hymn board, tabernacle veils, kneelers purchased for chapel;
  • New traditions established:

o   St. Patrick’s Corn Beef-Cabbage Dinner (prepared by staff);

o   Brother-Sister Dorm Dodge Ball Tourney;

o   All Souls Cemetery Visitation;

o   May Crowning;


  • Dividing door in 24-hour space installed;
  • Study lounge established in 154;
  • Circular tables and chairs installed in the center lounges;
  • New lamps purchased for main lobby;
  • New corner-couch ensemble installed in main lobby (was intended for the Tower, but could not fit!)
  • Annual dorm photos displayed on first floor;
  • Morrissey is named “Hall of the Fall”;
  • Morrissey wins the Interhall Racquetball Champtionship;
  • New traditions established:

o   Manor Trivia Bowl (to start during Spring Madness Week);


  • Manor Tower is renovated.  Projector, theater sound system, seating, and kitchen are installed creating a social space for events and movie watches;
  • Morrissey is named "Hall of the Fall";
  • Display case with Manor trophies is installed in main lobby;


  • Manor resurrects its classic blazer;
  • Main lobby crests and the signature portrait of the scholar are restored by Conrad-Schmitt Studios;
  • Winter Madness Week is inagurated;
  • The Gilded Age Ball commences as the signature event of the Spring semester;
  • O'Leary Cup Champions for the first time since 2006;


  • Morrissey wins interhall championships in Cross Country (our second consecutive) and Inter-Hall Football (our first such championship since 2006);
  • Major restoration project:  Morrissey's Chapel of the Little Flower;


  • Major renovation of Morrissey Manor announced for 2018;
  • Second consecutive interhall championship in Football;
  • Interhall Championships in hockey, bowling, and cross country;
  • Tour DuLac debuts as a Spring Signature Event;