Welcome to South Bend



South Bend, Indiana is located in the northwest corner of Indiana, very near to the Michigan border, and is the main city of the ‘Michiana’ area, comprising about 200,000 residents.  South Bend proper contains about 105,000 persons. Despite all of this, since you are a freshman and probably don’t have a car, you will still spend the majority of your time safely within the Notre Dame bubble. South Bend is located about one hour, forty-five minutes from Chicago, three hours from Indianapolis, and three hours thirty-minutes from Detroit. 

Shopping in South Bend

There is a wealth of shopping opportunities in the South Bend-Mishawaka principally along Grape Road in Mishawaka. Seriously, I think Grape Road has every single chain store/restaurant known to man.

Directions to Grape Road and 31/33/933--To get to Grape Rd.   Exit through the Main Gate and take a left onto Angela.  Continue down Angela as it turns into Edison.  After 5-10 minutes travel distance, you will arrive at an intersection with a Marathon Gas Station on the left-hand side.  This is Grape Road.  Take a left and continue down Grape and its series of shopping strips.

Some Key Stores for Freshman Needs

Target—A gift to college students everywhere. Target has almost anything you could possibly think of. Target also caters specifically to the college audience toward the end of August, so it is highly recommended as a first stop. Coming from Grape Road, turn on to Unversity Drive, and Target will be on your left.

Meijer—Wal-Mart with a grocery store.  Meijer offers a variety of quality products including groceries, hardware, clothing, and basic dorm room supplies.  Coming from Edison Road, Meijer is on the right.

Lowe’s—A hardware and home-improvement store. You never know when you’re going to need a shovel or some mulch, I suppose. Coming from Edison Road, Lowe’s is on the right.

Best Buy—Sells all sorts of awesome electronics at slightly higher prices than Target. Basically, if you want cool speakers, Best Buy is the place to go. Itis located on Grape Road on the right-hand side, if coming from Edison Road.

University Park Mall—A complete Mall shopping experience located on Grape Road on the Left hand side if coming from Edison Road. This is where you take the ladies if you manage to get a hold of a car.

Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club—Three words: Hannah. Montana. Backpack. Traveling west on Grape Road, make a right-hand turn onto Indian Ridge.

Dining in South Bend

Great restaurants under $15 (All directions from Notre Dame Ave.)

Rocco’s.  An ND tradition.  An authentic Italian restaurant run by a first generation Italian family.  Go down ND Ave. to 23 (South Bend Ave).  Take a right.  Continue down, Rocco’s will be on your left.

Macri’s.  A great deli/bakery. Also run by another nice Italian family. Go as you would to Rocco’s but take a left at the end of 23/South Bend Avenue.  Continue on to the first light, take a right, then your first left at the next stoplight.  Macri’s will be on your left.

The Emporium.  A nice restaurant overlooking the St. Joseph’s River. Great steaks and salads.  Go as you would to Macri’s, but continue past it, and take your next right at the 1st light. Take a right on the street with the sign ‘the Mole Hole’.  The Emporium will be on your left.

Parisi’s.  Good Italian/American food.  Take ND ave. to its first light, and take a left onto Angela.  Continue down past second light, and take a sharp right at the third.  You will see Parisi’s on your left.

Some great restaurants over $20

Offers great steak and the best desserts in town.  From ND Ave, continue down to 23/ South Bend Ave.  Take a left, and take 23 for 15-20 minutes into Granger. Yesterday’s is a small yellow brick house, right after the Martin’s grocery complex and train tracks.  Across from Eddie’s Steak Shack, a nice, less expensive place.

The LaSalle Grille.  The best restaurant in town, and also the priciest.  Take ND Ave to first light, and take a right onto Angela. Take a left at next light, onto 31/33.  Continue into the downtown area. Take a left onto Colfax.  The Grille will be on your left.

Order in

So it’s Friday night and you’re playing Halo in the common room with your fellow Manorites. At that point in the week, you’ll probably be sick of the dining hall, but since you’re a freshman, no one has a car to bring you guys off campus. So here are the best places to order in from, according to Manor Man himself.

Bruno’s. Bruno’s has hands down the best pizza in South Bend. Personally, Manor Man likes the double cheese and sausage. Call them at 574-288-3320

Jimmy Johns.Sometimes, a college male is too lazy to walk 5 minutes to the Subway in LaFortune. When this is the case, Jimmy Johns is a great alternative. Call them at 574-246-1020, or you can just order online at www.jimmyjohns.com.

Dominos. The 555 deal is pretty hard to pass up. Call them at 574-271-0300 or order online at www.dominos.com

Golden Dragon. Manor Man recommends the Moo Shu Chicken. Call them at 574-271-8899.

Eateries at Eddy Street Commons

Enjoy the great flavors and taste sensations at Eddy Street Commons. There are a variety of restaurants and eateries to choose from with price ranges for every budget. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a sweet treat or a casual dining experience, Eddy Street Commons is your place for food and fun.

Biggby Coffee

1130 East Angela Blvd., Suite 101



 Brothers Bar & Grill

1234 N. Eddy St., Suite 125



Chipotle Mexican Grill

1251 North Eddy Street, Suite 101



Five Guys Burgers & Fries

1233 North Eddy Street, Suite 110



 Jamba Juice

1234 North Eddy Street, Suite 107



Kilwin’s Chocolates & Ice Cream

1044 E. Angela Blvd., Suite 101



McAlister’s Deli

1130 Angela Blvd, Suite 102



O’Rourke’s Public House

1044 Angela Blvd, Suite 103



Starbucks (located in Hammes Bookstore)

1234 North Eddy Street, Suite 101


The Mark Dine & Tap

1234 Eddy Street, Suite 111