Conference: "Transcending Orthodoxies: Academic Freedom in Religiously Affiliated Universities"


Location: McKenna Hall / Notre Dame Conference Center

The Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts presents “Transcending Orthodoxies: Academic Freedom in Religiously Affiliated Universities.”

Academic freedom is a principal foundation of modern university life and the sine qua non of a mature university. This conference brings together prominent scholars in theology, literature, science, and social sciences to explore how the prevailing secular understanding and practice of academic freedom might evolve in the 21st century. Can the secular understanding be improved upon and completed with a theological understanding? If so, how can it be done without violating the independence and autonomy of academic disciplines?

Conference sessions are free and open to Notre Dame faculty, staff, and students, but registration is required.

For more information, please visit  Sponsored in part by the Nanovic Institute for European Studies.

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