Manor Madness Week

Location: Morrissey Manor

Sunday, October 6 (Manor Pride Day)
Wear Manor Apparel (if you are one of the first 5 spotted, win a Chipotle Gift Card);
2:00pm: Football :  Manor v. Duncan at Stepan Field [wear Manor shirt];
5:00pm: Manor Dinner at SDH (wear Manor Shirt);
11:00pm:  Krispy Kreme Donut Social (Main Lobby);

Monday, October 7 (Bedside Manor)
11:00pm:  Mattress Race on South Quad (Section v. Section Competition);

Tuesday, October 8 (Prideful Gluttony)
8:00 PM:  Waka Dog Challenge (one rep from each section);
11:00pm:  Gallon Challenge and Pie-Eating Competition

Wednesday, October 9 (Release Your Demons)
7:30pm:  Morrissey Forum on Exorcism (Carey Auditorium)
10:30pm:  View The Exorcist Movie  (Manor Tower)

Thursday, October 10 (Gentlemen's Day)
Dress to Impress (Wear professional/classy attire and if among the first 5 spotted, win a Chipotle Gift Card)
3:00 pm:  English Afternoon Tea and Cookies (First Floor Lounge)
10:45pm : MANor-Up Night (Cigars on Manor Quad and Poker to follow)