Conference: The Crowning Glory of the Virtues: Exploring the Many Facets of Justice

Location: TBD

In his famous work De Officiis, Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote that in justice, we see “the crowning glory of the virtues.” Countless treatises, encyclicals, verses, and artistic endeavors by a vast array of philosophers, theologians, poets, and painters have explored the manifold aspects of justice, particularly its meaning and its manifestation in our souls and societies. The Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture will devote its 13th annual fall conference to this theme.

In customary interdisciplinary fashion, this conference will take up the many questions related to both the nature of justice and the varied and often-conflicting ideas of how to establish justice in our hearts and in our world. These questions will be pursued in the disciplinary contexts of philosophy, theology, political theory, law, history, economics, the biosciences, literature, and the arts.

The conference will run from November 8, 2012, until November 10, 2012.

Additional information, updates, and registration information will be posted on the Center for Ethics and Culture conference webpage.

Sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Culture

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