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Zack Imfeld, M.Div.

Rector of Morrissey 

145 Morrissey Hall


After graduation, Zack went to serve in Campus Ministry at the University of Notre Dame. During his year of service, he realized that to serve the Church the best, he should build on his undergraduate degree in Theology and decided to join the Master of Divinity program at Our Lady's University to remain at ND and have the opportunity to prepare for a life of ministry. During his graduate work, he interned as a chaplain at Memorial Hospital, worked with retreats and pilgrimages in Campus Ministry, and served as an Assistant Rector in Keough Hall. Hailing from sunny Burbank, California, Zack grew up the oldest of three boys in the shadow of Hollywood. After spending the majority of his childhood on the baseball field, in the pool, or at school, Zack attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA run by the Congregation of Holy Cross. At NDHS, Zack was involved with a little bit of everything on campus and looked to continue his education at a Holy Cross university, so he went to the University of Portland in Oregon. During his four years on the Bluff, Zack was involved in student government, including serving as Student Body President as a Senior, Campus Ministry, Residential Life, and cheered on the Pilots soccer teams rain or shine. 

Now, Zack is excited to build on his six years of experience with Holy Cross residentiality and serve as the Rector of Morrissey. He is looking forward to sharing life with the men of Morrissey, praying together, making memories, and enjoying life on South Quad. In his free time, Zack roots for the Portland Timbers soccer team and thanks to his dad, suffers through every Cincinnati Reds loss and Cincinnati Bengals first round playoff exit. He enjoys cooking, playing piano, spending time with friends, and has been known to spend a fair share of time playing Xbox no matter how much his mom encourages him to find a new hobby. His door will be open often, most of the time playing music,  and hopes to meet every Manorite soon!



Dennis Massimi

Assistant Rector

245 Morrissey Hall

My name is Dennis Massimi and I’m a second year law student. I was born in Rome, Italy, where I lived until I was 14. I moved to California for high school and attended college at UC San Diego. During my time there, I studied History and Philosophy and was a member of the club soccer team. After graduating college, I worked as a paralegal in New York (shout out to the Rottenberg Lipman Rich, P.C. crew). When I have free time, I enjoy playing sports, dominating my Fantasy Football league, and trying to figure out if existence precedes essence. I am really excited to join the Morrissey Manor family and be a part of one of the most storied halls at Notre Dame. Please feel free to stop by my room anytime if you have any questions or if you just want to hang out. GO IRISH!


Steven Pochini

Assistant Rector

345 Morrissey Hall

My name is Steven Pochini, and I was raised in Southgate, Michigan along with my six brothers and sisters. I am a 2016 graduate of Notre Dame, where I studied accountancy and theology and lived in Fisher Hall, and I currently study in the Master of Science in Accountancy program. Being from Michigan, I am a huge fan of all the Detroit sports teams, and I watch them whenever I get the chance. When I am not studying or watching sports, I enjoy reading, running, playing basketball, and going to Notre Dame football and basketball games. I also enjoy serving as a lector at mass both on campus and at my home parish and being involved in other forms of ministry.



AJ Derouin

1AB Resident Assistant

My name is AJ Derouin, and I am from Willmar, MN. I am an architecture major with minors in International Development Studies and Education, Schooling, and Society. On campus, I work as a Tour Guide, serve as Vice President of the AIAS (The American Institute for Architecture Students) club, and play clarinet in Notre Dame's Marching Band. At Notre Dame, I have had the opportunity to do live in Rome, Italy as part of my architectural studies, and in Kyarusozi, Uganda to work as a teacher with the International Summer Services Learning Program. I am really looking forward to working as an RA and serving the men that make Morrissey the best dorm on campus.


Nate Marti

1CD Resident Assistant

Catholic. American. From Iowa. Love thee ND. Too simple for five full sentences. 



Robbie Ryan

2AB Resident Assistant

I'm originally from Florida, I'm majoring in Economics with a minor in PPE, and I just returned from a year-long study abroad in London. I'm a big fan of playing sports (especially intramural & section sports!). I also love having conversations about academics, politics, philosophy, traveling, and just life in general. So I'd like to take this time to welcome all of you to the Manor. Feel free to stop by 216 and introduce yourself. My door is always open!



Garrett Dougherty

2CD Resident Assistant

I'm a very laid-back and relaxed person. I grew up my whole life in Colorado, so I love the outdoors. I really enjoy playing pretty much every kind of sport and enjoy working out/any athletic activity in general. In addition to sports, I really like listening to music of all kinds but hip-hop and country in particular. I'm Roman Catholic, so faith and continuing to learn about my faith is very important to me. I enjoy learning new things and am looking forward to seeing what my senior year of college has in store.



Nick Sywyj

3AB Resident Assistant

Growing up in Pittsburgh and having a love for the outdoors, I enjoy escaping to the rivers and mountains of Pennsylvania and West Virginia whenever I can find the time. I've been playing football since the third grade, but it took me 12 years and Notre Dame interhall football to finally become an undefeated champion. I'm also passionate about traveling, having been to Europe twice on study abroad programs and visiting my family in Poland both times, Fitness is another hobby of mine - I've done two Tough Mudders, the Notre Dame Biathlon, the Holy Half Marathon, and the Dublin Marathon (I like playing tennis, racquetball, and basketball on campus as well). I'm excited for everything senior year has to offer, and I'm looking forward to being a leader and a brother that my fellow Manorites can look up to.



Nic Zenker

3CD Resident Assistant

In John 10:10, Jesus says, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." As a Neuroscience major, Notre Dame Cheerleader, and Resident Assistant for Morrissey Hall, I live every day trying to do just that. I enjoy working hard, hanging out with friends, and playing sand volleyball whenever possible. I'm currently applying to the Notre Dame ESTEEM master's program for Entrepreneurship. I'm incredibly excited to be an RA and I can't wait to find out what this year has in store! 



Nick Pellegrino

4AB Resident Assistant

I'm from a Chicago suburb called Roselle, IL, and I'm wrapping up a degree in Computer Engineering in May. When I'm not cranking out some kind of work, I like unwinding with a good workout, bike ride, or any pickup game I can find. I'm very happy to be able to serve Morrissey this year as an RA, and I'm looking forward to a great senior year at the Manor!



Ryan Dolinar

4CD Resident Assistant

I have been bouncing all over the place from the east and west in the states to various countries in Europe last year.  I am happy to say that ND is one of my favorite places to be and couldn’t wait to return and serve my fellow Manorites after a year away.  When I’m not in the Manor, chances are I’m next door in Bond Hall catching up on any architecture assignments.  I’m passionate about music; my two favorite genres are country and metal which no one understands how that works out; so feel free to share your love for this.  My door is always open in 455 if you need anything; just come to room plastered with automobilia flags.