Manor Council

Each hall on campus is governed in part by its residents. The Morrissey Manor Council coordinates many of the activities that go on inside and outside of Morrissey by organizing dances, service projects, campus-wide events, spirit weeks, and special liturgies.

The leaders of the Morrissey Manor Council are elected in hall-wide elections. The 2012 Manor Constitution guides the organization, conduct, and election of the Manor Council

Manor Council Meetings

The Manor Council meets Tuesdays beginning with attendance at the 10 PM Mass.  Meeting follows post-Mass in the Manor Conference Room.

Officers and Commissioners 2016-2017

President: Thomas Franceschi
Vice-President: Trent McKinnon
Secretary Joao Hoffmann
Treasurer: Jonathan Rouhana
Senator: Brady McLaughlin
SUB Representative:  
Academics/Multicultural: Eric Layne
Athletics (Interhall): Kyle Williams
Athletics (Section): Darby Regan
Fundraising: Julio Ruiz-Gomez
Social Events: Jarod Luedecker
Brother-Sister: Daniel O'Neill
Pastoral Life: Redmond Tuttle
Service: Tommy Clarke

Subcommittees:   Manor Apparel, Big Bro-Lil Bro, Pastoral Life, Dance, Hospitality, Rockne, Spirit.