Domer Lexicon

Administration/Main Building: The Golden Dome. It is good to use for directional purposes around campus, and there are many reasons to why you will find yourself here from picking up housing forms to attending Manor dances.

AR: Assistant Rector, we have two of them. They live on the second and third floors of Morrissey Manor.   Next to the Rector, they’re top dogs.

Barber: Frank the Barber is located in the basement of Lafortune. His styles are limited, but for some people, Frank’s style is the style they want.

The Bookstore: This place has just about everything, from books to ND apparel to school supplies to shampoo to food, the bookstore can be a worthwhile stop even if it is on the other side of campus.

Bookstore Basketball: ND’s very own five on five basketball tournament, it features over five hundred teams every spring, making it the largest five on five tournament in the world.

Center for Social Concerns (CSC): A building between BP and the library, it serves as home to many service/volunteer organizations. You can drop by any time to see what kind of volunteer work is going on.

Coleman-Morse Center (Co-Mo): Located on South Quad, it is home to the first year studies program. Additionally, there is a study room on the first floor that offers free soda and popcorn.

Computer Labs: These useful places can be found in LaFortune, the library, Bond, DeBartolo, Coleman-Morse and several other classroom buildings.

DuLac:  This is the rule book that governs your life at ND, good luck.

Fifth Floor:  Located in the Manor Tower and functions as a home entertainment center for movie watches and is occasionally used for guest lecturers and other programming.

First Source Bank:  marketplace for all of your banking needs. Located in the basement of LaFortune.

First Year of Studies:  The study program that you will follow as a freshman. You will have a first year adviser and he/she is located on the second floor of Coleman Morse.

Flex-14:  The most common meal plan. It provides you with 14 meals to eat each week and 295 dollars worth of “flex points” for you to spend around campus each semester.

Gallon Challenge:  Occurs during Manor Madness Week.  Contest to determine which Manorite can down a gallon of milk the quickest.

God Quad: The portion of campus right in front of the Main Building. It is home to two dorms, the basilica, some religious statues, and scenic landscaping.

Golf Quad: It is the southernmost quad on campus and relatively close to the first of two ND golf courses. The name south quad had already been taken, so this quad had to find a more original name. It is also called West Quad, however, it is not any farther west than South Quad so someone made a mistake when trying to name it West Quad. This is home to McGlinn, Welsh Family, Keough and O’Neil Halls.

Grape Road: This road in Mishawaka is the place where just about everything you would want to purchase is located. From Best Buy to Meijer to lots of places to eat.

The Grotto: This is a replica of the Grotto at Lourdes, France. It is located behind the Sacred Heart Basilica, and is a great place to reflect and pray.

Hesburgh Library: This tall and massive building facing the stadium serves as a memorial library for Father Theodore Hesburgh, CSC, who was once the president of Notre Dame. The library’s basement, 1st and 2nd floors act as more of a social study atmosphere and the upper floors are where you go if you do not want to see anyone while you study.

Huddle Mart: Convenience store located on first floor of LaFun.

Infirmary:  Located in St. Liam’s Health Center, this is a top quality facility. The nurses are hot.

JACC: The Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center is home to several of our varsity teams. It also houses Notre Dame’s infamous pep rallies.

J-Board: a meeting of all the authority figures in the Manor, and something you want to avoid at all costs.  

LaFun: The student center on campus. LaFortune’s first floor has a Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, the Huddle Mart, the Lafortune Information Desk, Starbucks, huge TV lounges, and ample eating/study space. The basement has the University Hairstylists, a FedEx drop box, Anthony Travel Agency, a florist, a billiards place, a computer lab, and more eating/study space.

Library Circle: The pickup and drop off spot on the east side of the Hesburgh Library.

Main Circle: The pickup and drop off spot by Alumni Hall.

Manor Madness Week:  a week in the Fall consisting of various Manor festivities celebrating the greatness of Morrissey.

Mod Quad: Area of Campus north of the Hesburgh Library and south of Stepan Center. This is home to four dorms: PW, PE, Siegfried and Knott.

North Quad:  Located between Stonehenge and Haggar Hall. It is home to Keenan, Farley, BP and Stanford Halls, and everyone’s least favorite dorm, Zahm.

OIT:  The Office of Information Technologies handles basically everything that has to do with computers at ND. If you have a computer problem, they are your go-to man.

O’Shag: O’Shaughnessy Hall. This is where many of the liberal arts classes are held. It’s located on the east end of South Quad.

Parietals:  ND student visitation hours that prohibit girls from being in most areas of the Manor. Hours where girls are not permitted are 12AM to 9AM during the week and 2AM to 9AM during the weekend. However, even when parietals finish, the ladies may go to the Basement lounge, entering through the Howard-side door only.

Post Office: Located behind North Dining Hall by Stepan Center (see below), the driving force behind ND having its own zip code.

Quad Squad:  Friendly neighborhood security guards who patrol the squad looking for bootleggers, thieves, and helping tipsy students to find their way back to their halls.

Quarter Dogs:  Hot dogs that sell for twenty five cents in the Huddle Mart after midnight. It is often the cause of some intense hot dog eating contests.

RA:  Resident Assistant.  A senior, who lives in your hallway, serves as an authority figure, and is a person to come to in times of need. A good relationship with your RA is always helpful for many, many reasons, so try to get to know your RA.

Rector:  The ultimate dorm authority and the 'father figure' in the Manor.  Rectors are all-powerful at ND.   Ultimately, he is someone who wants to help you and who you definitely want to get to know and to be on your side.

The Rock:  Located on the far west side of South Quad and is one of two well-equipped athletic facilities.

Rolfs:  Located on the east side of campus, just north of the JACC, this is the newer (better-equipped) athletic facility.

South Dining Hall (SDH):  The second-ranked best dining hall in the U.S., located on South Quad, and a stone’s throw from the Manor.

SMC:  Saint Mary’s College is the ALL-FEMALE liberal arts college located across the street. This is never a bad place to find yourself, for you will discover that they are 2,000 of your closest friends.

South Quad:  Anything between The Rock and O’Shag. This is home to Alumni, Dillon, Fischer, Pangborn, Lyons, Howard, Badin Halls and the MANOR.

South Shore:   A commuter train that runs between the South Bend airport and downtown Chicago. Trains leave every couple of hours and its less than ten bucks each way. It’s a good way to get to and from Chicago, ask Anthony Travel for schedules and information.

Stepan Center:  Eerily similar looking to the Agrocrag from Ninja Turtles. It is an arena that houses smaller events on campus, including some concerts and lots of early morning tests.  You’ll hate it.  It should be torn down.

Stonehenge: The nickname of the War Memorial located on the Fieldhouse Mall at the south end of North Quad.

SUB: The Student Union Board handles many of the activities that happen around campus such as movies that are shown in DeBartolo and speakers who come to campus.

SYR:  Screw Your Roommate, a dance at which you are supposed to set your roommate up. However, the official form of these dances no longer exists because dances within the dorm have been banned. Not to worry though because Morrissey throws the best out-of-hall dances on campus, like our renowned Christmas SYR.

Touchdown Jesus:  The nickname of the mosaic on the side of the Hesburgh Library facing the stadium. Before the addition of the stadium, the southern side of the stadium could see Jesus signaling for a touchdown when Notre Dame scored.

Transpo:  Free shuttle running between ND and SMC.  s, earning it a nickname… which you’ll learn when you get here.

University Park Mall:  Located between Grape Road and SR 23 north of Douglass Rd, this Michiana mall covers everything.

Yaz’s:  The Manor’s very own, student-run restaurant serving up the best greasy food this side of North Dining Hall (Open 11pm-1am Monday-Thursday, 11pm-1am Sunday).