Old photo of Morrissey

In Morrissey's Main Lobby situated above the fireplace appears an excellent painting by Joe Lopker, depicting a college student at study.  The youth is seated in a lavishly carved wooden chair, with, presumably, King Arthur standing behind him.  Arthur, clad in his armor, seems intensely interested in what the young man is reading.  Surrounding this painting are portraits of the crests of European institutions such as Heidelberg, Aberdeen, Pembroke, Exeter, and Dublin.  Also depicted are the crests of elite American schools such as Harvard and Yale.

The tradition of dedication to scholarship characterizes a man of the Manor.  In recent years, Morrissey has hosted campus lectures on Law Enforcement and Alcohol, the writings of C.S. Lewis and J.R. Tolkien, the Catholic imagination of film makers such as Hitchock, Ford, and Coppola, and Evil and the Healing Ministry of Exoricism.